Janet L. Nelson, M.S. ACSM

Janet L. Nelson, MS, ACSM
Manhattan Applied Physiology, New York, USA

Manhattan Applied Physiology

Janet Nelson practices both Applied and Clinical Physiology. Physiology is the science of muscle, organs and connective tissue in terms of form and structure. Applied Physiology is more concerned with the purpose and function of these systems and how the entire human body functions together. Therefore, Janet’s treatment sessions specialize in diagnostic and manual hands-on tissue therapy. Her practice focus is education-based, whether lecturing to a group or working one on one with her patients.

As a C.O.E. (Certified Office Ergonomist), Janet is well versed in understanding the postural issues resulting from the demands of the workplace and work associated travel. She is qualified to assess and implement both equipment and work habit changes resulting in improved body position, reducing the load on the body and in many cases immediately reducing pain. During the diagnostic assessment of her patients, Janet utilizes muscle and nerve response testing methodologies that allow her to identify the root cause of the movement dysfunction or reported pain.

Janet’s approach results in a comprehensive diagnostic map creating the path for treating not only the movement dysfunction and associated physical pain, but also the root causes of both. Drawing from her specialization in soft tissue therapy, Janet utilizes soft tissue system/movement-based therapy techniques that treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.

Janet has 26 years of experience treating competitive and elite athletes, ballerinas, and chronic motion injuries from the workplace. She has most recently developed an ergonomic “Office On The Go” lecture presentation including helpful portable tools to assist the home office or traveling professional.