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You Don’t Want to Miss It!

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Read what your colleagues have said about the most recent ISHRS World Congress

  • I have not been disappointed in 20 years of attendance
  • I liked the conference and will be attending in future also
  • I love ISHRS family, thank you for all the hard working, it makes me better and better in this field
  • It was a great congress!!!
  • It was very well organized
  • Love it…keep it up
  • May be the best ever meeting, we say that most years!
  • Nice meeting- thanks!
  • The program was well structured to promote knowledge for both novice and advanced practitioners. Excellent!
  • I attended the basics course, which was a full day course, and I was unable to attend any other courses or workshops. I was truly impressed by the quality of this course, and my experience left me wishing to pursue any and all other courses that ISHRS has to offer. For a first time attendee, I am all compliments, and I have been to other medical conferences and courses that I have been plenty critical of. I am very grateful that ISHRS and the instructors chose to put on such a strong program. It shows a respect for people’s time and money. Well done.

Why attend? [verbatim comments from the last world congress evaluation survey]

  • Best congress in the world
  • Best meeting for all around Hair surgery updates
  • Best source of learning newer things in the field of hair restoration surgery
  • Best world congress about hair restoration
  • I am venturing into the world of hair restoration surgery, and I wanted to be a part of the community, hear new ideas, and become familiar with leaders in this field.
  • I attended because I wanted to see something new about extraction and implantation techniques
  • I find the lectures very informative which helps me to progress in hair transplant.
  • I have attended last meeting in Prague and it was quite good so I decided to present my work and also learn from Hollywood congress.
  • I like the program because the information it’s what I need and I want to come every year
  • I love ISHRS
  • I think is the best place for learn something new
  • Improve my FUE technique
  • Innovation
  • It’s the most important Congress for hair restoration and very helpful for experience and skills for a practice doctor
  • It’s the most important meeting about hair transplant around the world
  • Keeping current with advances in hair restoration surgery
  • Learn from the best, update me in the latest studies regarding hair restoration techniques
  • Learn the most advanced techniques.
  • Main hair restoration surgery association.
  • My team and I attend the Annual ISHRS meeting in order to stay abreast of the latest techniques, technology, protocols, and tools in the field of Hair Restoration Surgery.
  • New advancements
  • New developments
  • New ideas updates colleagues
  • New subjects, new equipment
  • New technologies, suppliers, meet old friends
  • The most educational congress in the world for hair transplantation.
  • To hear from the world leaders in hair restoration surgery
  • To improve my surgical technique and management. To be up to date with the new procedure and take the best of the best surgeon in the world